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I have spent 20 years in the Police in England & Wales.

Am I the best cop to ever patrol the streets?... No.

But do I come to work each day determined to do my best and give 100% to every incident I attended?... Also no.

What I do though is note down all the awkward, funny, unusual and bizzare jobs I go to...

There are three police books based on my service so far:

Police, Crime & 999

Police, Lies & Alibis

Police, Arrests & Suspects

"These books are a treasure trove of entertainment. Wonderfully informative, self-mocking and addictive reads, full of belly laughs. Utterly brilliant!"

Image: police books

Tails of the Unexpected (previously released as Shakespeare My Butt!)

This book is about my travels with my dog around the bizarre named places in the UK

...with military memories & other digressions liberally thrown in.

"Imagine Bill Bryson on magic mushrooms!"

Image: Tails of the Unexpected

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