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John Donoghue never set out to be to be a writer ... he wanted to be a sailor ...and a soldier ...and a policeman.

When he left school, he ran away to sea ...or more accurately, caught the train to Dartmouth where he enlisted as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy.

After six years on the high seas, he transferred to the Army, serving Queen and Country throughout the Cold War. However, when it began to thaw, he took that as his cue to move on.

Leaving the army as a Captain, he joined an international security organisation, although it was more budgets and spread-sheets than James Bond and Pussy Galore.

Bored, and in search of more fun and excitement, he handed back his company car, expense account and keys to the executive toilets and joined the police force where he is currently a serving PC.

He has written four books to date covering his escapades so far... 


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