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Digressions, a Dog and Project X

Image: Tails of the Unexpected

“There must be more to owning a dog than both of us running after each other to see what the other one is eating...”

John Donoghue was just another ex-soldier and ex-sailor, leaving the military and entering the wilderness years, divorced and with a young daughter who was growing up far too quickly. Then, he got his first ever dog and his life changed forever.

 “A puppy is basically a funny little buddy who always wants to hang out with you.”

 Join John and his puppy, Barney, on a joyous romp through military service, bizarrely named places, the highs and lows of life with a new four-legged best friend, fatherhood dilemmas, titanic relationships, the subtle art form of mantelpiecing, memories of simpler times and eventually straight into the arms of the law.

And, in a world where there can only be one Top Dog, discover who takes the coveted title.

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Image: Barney

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